image by pexels


taking the day off
so i can clean and organize and tidy
the house
that piles up and clutters my arteries like
blood clots

why do we have so much stuff? clothes and blankets and books and furniture and accessories and pillows and collectables and
boxes to store
and storage bins to hoard?

we don’t own it
it owns us

stuff distracts us from embodying bliss
it multiplies like cancer cells hoarding my brain

all the stuff mutates
like a growing blob with a mind of it’s own
a mistake in it’s DNA

a mistake in my DNA

we collect like our lives depend on building
comfort walls
snug up around our
like a blanket
that smothers us into a diluted trance

i can’t breathe

i am donating all of it
to good will
so you can suffocate in dust and distractions




~ Tara Palov


        1. Ummmm, just got this yesterday! Don’t know how I missed it, but thank you thank you thank you. I will!! Indie Blu(e) is right up my alley.
          How many poems should I submit? It says a 50 page manuscript, but that’s for a book… which I have been working on for about 15 years. haha

          1. Well if you are interested in submitting for a book I would recommend submitting the book of poetry when you’re happy with it – the whole thing. The other is for fiction. We’d be very happy to read it! Glad to hear you are considering it xo

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