image by pexels


welcome to this virtual reality!
the goal of this game is to lose your head

the one that breeds excuses to blame
like wild rabbits in a field of righteousness

the one that slips into a vortex of seduction
like the lust of a man returning from war

the one that invents catastrophic fictions
for the buzz of adrenaline
that stings like an angry swarm of bees

the one that hungers for a moment of relief
and drinks the potion knowing the

the time has come to flip the switch
the goal of the game is to lose your head
they’ve crossed our wires
can you hear them giggle?

it is quite hilarious

to yearn for answers that were in us all along
to believe the opposite of every truth
to explore the caverns we’ve always feared
to dive blindly into the darkness of souls

to change DNA

the name of the game is to resist the tricks of it’s makers
and awaken to the realm of goddesses
and warriors
and rebels
who see through smoke
and smash mirrors to bits
who may have been taught to run
but know how to stand



~ Tara Palov

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