image by pexels


at the precipice of something larger
you had best lift up those boot straps
the time is
but don’t forget that
time is an illusion
and so is the Ikea den malleable and melting into the rug

the impending future has already happened yet is still erupting
and the past is like tumbling into a human eating plant
where you wake up again and again
pressed for eternity

is no
to mess around

get back on the horse when you
fight for your right to be
all shades of human
and unencumbered and unpoisoned
in all your glory
translucency and plasticity

feel your deep thick self destruction
sink in like molasses
and hang on all night
every season
like a travelling carnival

feel the straps of the rollercoaster
dig at your limbs
as you heave and wish death upon the maker
then yourself

faulty somehow

yet we do it all again



~ Tara Palov

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