Reflections of the Soul

image by pexels


I invite you in
to meet my soul
she has been waiting for

there is no song and dance or secret handshake
just be gentle
the keys are in my eyes
let yourself in

first you will see a room of mirrors
a familiar yet distorted configuration
this belongs to you
feel free to bring it in
or leave it by the door
but don’t expect me to eat it

take a step past your reflections
and sit for a cup of tea
or two
while i transport you through my perception
glowing and glaring and
bouncing off walls
knocking me down
sinking teeth into flesh
tearing chunks

but the regeneration of skin and
bone is magick
the reparation of a damaged soul
is art

now imagine
collecting my stories and reflections
in other people’s eyes and connecting
all of it
to eternity
and back

then you will have have met me

now fall asleep holding my hand
and find me in your dreams



~ Tara Palov

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