The Lone Wolf

image by pixabay


Jack didn’t know any better. His father tore a piece outta him,
so consider yourself lucky he only etched grief into your bones.

And don’t worry about her, Margaret’s weakness humbles you.
Fear got her early, she never stood a chance.

Doug was taken by the bottle. Such a shame that was.
It ate him whole, in one gluttonous bite.
He still brings fruitcake at Christmas.

Sus devoured the house and vomited it back up in perfect Ikea sized pieces.
We lost her in there.

Tell them you love them in your dreams and wander back
They cannot help you now.
They live in a house of mirrors.
You are not their responsibility. I promise.

Save yourself.

Love alone until your well is full.
Your pack is here waiting.



~ Tara Palov

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