image by pexels


don’t take me there again
it’s as sludgy as the inside of a drain pipe
it’s no where
I want to be

go alone or not at all
but this is it for me
I am done with slime and silt

the sad hollow gaze on minutia
the illusion of glitter on buttons and rocks
feed it
to make it stop
if only for just
a moment of peace is not
a lifetime of needing and slipping and spinning and spending and returning and eating and puking and stuffing and betting and begging and sucking and using and forgetting and repeating and regretting and regressing and spiraling and sinking and smoking and
forgetting to savor
and picking and pruning and priming and prepping and waxing and cutting and plucking and fussing and cleaning and updating and matching and buying and maintaining and selling and obsessing and shaking and crying and hating


and I refuse



~ Tara Palov

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