Shadow Work

image by pexels


meeting yourself
with your eyes closed is for
warriors and

fight with your conditioned mind when distractions blockade

let wet clothes
just sit

in curiosity
and flip over the charading bling
do a 180 with every
is backwards

just sit
and fight your way back into your own

it’s uncomfortable and uneasy
and not for the
faint of heart

for those who can’t
play by the rules
just sit
with it all
haunted wounds, peeling traumas, buzzing thoughts
abandoned wishes

shadow work is to wash grief
in a bucket load of tears
and to howl with anger

it’s to unwrap self-worth
like a gift

it’s creating
when you think there is none
to unfold the years of yourself
with kind curiosity
and see the worth
instead of the lack



~Tara Palov

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