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striving for perfection
is as destructive as a cyber-bully
haunting a withering soul

camouflaging authenticity
is ironing out rare gifts
to trade them in for

a fabrication of bluffs

striving for perfection is
like injecting poison into my crows’
and asking him to walk

it’s starving my questions of vital answers

I want to wander around a corner
to embrace a messy and wild uniqueness so far
above and beyond

where slugs are wonderous instead of gross
where beliefs are striped of make-up to show their
true color
where murky waves expose
raw truth like sharp barnacles beneath my foot

striving for perfection is slathering
a coat of heavy varnish
laden black
into the life rings of oak

it gave its life for me
I won’t poison it

from now on my files will be flawed
raw and unfiltered




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